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Postby Steely Hill » Wed May 22, 2013 3:31 pm

Man City
Man United

that's 7 clubs whose managers will be going into their first full season as manager. with Pardew and Jol's position rumoured to be on shaky ground and the potential for the likes of Laudrup heading for Everton we could yet see 50% of the division being managed by a newbie. has there ever been so many changes in time for a new season?

panic buttons could be hit before xmas if those new faces do not work out but next season promises to be one of the most unpredictable Premier League seasons yet (obviously there was no football pre-PL).

how are we expecting these clubs to fare? who will be under the most pressure? who will be the first to get the boot?
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Postby redpelt » Wed May 22, 2013 10:22 pm

Pellegrini could find himself under immense pressure ,if as expected he takes over
at City. Mancini won the FA cup and qualified for the Champions League in his first
season and won the Title in his second. Expectations will be lofty for the professorial

Moyes at United really could be a recipe for disaster ,especially if Ferguson is habitually
frequenting the United dressing room ,and more importantly the press box. I honestly
don't think the more reserved Jock has the personality to mask his awkward first few
tentative steps.

Mourinho ,again if as expected returns to Chelsea will have the eyes and expectant
pens of the worlds media hovering for any sign of dissension or controversial statement.

I think in general he will be expected to win the Prem with the almost contemptible
swagger he seems to excel in. Then add Abramovic to that equation and I will be more
than Intrigued to see how two massive egos can co-exist at the same club.

As for the Bitters ,I cant envisage any manager used to frittering away the owners funds
on established players of some renown, wanting to manage a club where the owner spends
more on his plays for the specific entertainment of his fellow lovees than football in general .

I think Southampton will be fine under Pochettino ,he's impressed with the short time he
has spent at St Mary's.

Stoke,seriously who cares who takes the reins at this insidious little football team ,a club
who under Pulis made clubs from the NFL look like they were auditioning for Louie Spence.

Sunderland will eventually thrive under the enigmatic little Italian,and besides I absolutely
love Di Canio ,phenomenal player and I think under the right circumstances an innovative
and passionate manager.

First for the boot : Pelligrini ,I think the no nonsense staunch Catholic will ruffle a fair few
feathers with players and owners alike .
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Postby Hams » Thu May 23, 2013 1:26 am

Chelsea - Jose Mourinho?

I think its a big mistake to bring him back as returning coaches very rarely repeat their original success.

Man City - Manuel Pellegrini?

I'm a big fan of the Chile manager due to the work he did with Villarreal and now Malaga and he is the right man for City.

Man United - David Moyes

The new Utd boss has a massive job on his hands and will need time to settle in at Old Trafford and has to deal with Rooney.

Everton - N/A

Who ever takes over at Goodison Park may have to deal with losing Jagielka,Fellaini and Baines all to Man Utd in summer.

Stoke - N/A

It was quite a shock to hear that Tony Pulis had been sacked but its clear the fans were no longer happy with their football

Sunderland - Paolo Di Canio

I'm sure the Black Cats would have gone down had the Italian not replaced Martin O'Neil and he must bring discipline in.

Southampton - Mauricio Pochettino

The Argentine must learn how to speak English to get his ideas across to his players but has been impressive up to now.
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Postby KimKallstrom2 » Thu May 23, 2013 12:34 pm

Hams wrote:Chelsea - Jose Mourinho?

I think its a big mistake to bring him back as returning coaches very rarely repeat their original success.

Completely agree. They say it's never as good the second time around.

However last time it was more Arneson and the other lot Mourinho clashed with, none of whom are around these days.

However I'm sure with the circumstances with the old hero returning, Chelsea and their fans will be expecting nothing less than a league win and a huge result in the Champions League. Anything less will be a disappointment and these expectations could work against them.
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Postby Gazza-LFC » Thu May 23, 2013 1:16 pm

It's gonna feel strange that Liverpool aren't in the spotlight for a change,this season coming up we are finally calm going into a season and i'm actually looking forward to it.

As for the new clubs i agree with redpelt about Moyes,it's one thing managing United but it's even bigger when you know who you are following into the hotseat and with the old manager still hovering around,he's gonna be under amazing pressure from the first day and i'm loving it....United will be behind City and Chelsea as they struggle to come to terms with losing Ferguson.

Mourinho at Chelsea if it happens will be great news for the blues but bad news for the rest of us,Mourinho will walk into the job and pick up where he left off,he knows the place,the fans,the media and most of the players and with money to strengthen his squad they can become even stronger and are my favourites if he does indeed return.

Pellegrini if he goes to City is another disaster for the rest of us,look at his old teams Malaga and Villarreal and you'll see what he can do by getting the best from his players,but the thing i admire most about him is that he's ruthless in the Ferguson mould and he won't take any crap from his players as he showed when he got rid of Riquelme at Villarreal and he was their main player at the time...if Tevez tries to step out of line then he's on the plane to Argentina very quickly...his only big job was Real Madrid but he walked into that job knowing full well he never stood a chance...the new president was on his back and Barcelona were way too good at the City he has a squad full of stars and he is perfect for getting the best out of them...they will push Chelsea all the way.

Everton have interviewed Alan Stubbs,Phil Neville and David Weir for the vacancy at Goodison....i don't need to say anything else on that one.
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Postby Steely Hill » Thu May 23, 2013 1:18 pm

i bet Wenger is licking his lips at the prospect of next season. he has a golden opportunity to force a proper season long challenge.

i can see Chelsea winning the league with Arsenal in 2nd. you heard it here first.
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