Are referees really biased towards the big PL clubs?

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Are referees really biased towards the big PL clubs?

Postby Hams » Tue Feb 11, 2014 2:29 am

So it has just been announced by a 3 man panel at the FA that Man City's Yaya Toure will
not be charged for kicking Norwich striker Van Wolfswinkle in the back but Craig Bellamy has been charged
with violent conduct towards Swansea's De Guzman for elbowing him in the head during the south wales derby.

Are referees really biased towards the big PL clubs?

Does this show that the likes of Man City can now get away with their players fouling opponents just because their famous?

They were quick to send off Andy Carroll and ban him for 3 games but he does play for West Ham!
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Postby Steely Hill » Tue Feb 11, 2014 11:26 am

I have to say, i am astounded at this decision from the FA. i'm normally one to see things from their perspective and defend them but i can not see how the system works here.

it seems a decision that isn't unanimous can not retrospectively punish players but it CAN reject an appeal for a red card issued during a game.

similarly, it has determined that kicking a player on the floor isn't ban worthy. i'd like to hear the thoughts of Riether (i think thats his name) of Fulham who got banned for similar on Januzaj. although that was a fulham player on a man united player...

i usually try to distance myself from accusing the powers that be of bias but it becomes increasingly difficult as the weeks go by.
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