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  1. Euro 2016-Group Tables/Fixtures/Results
  2. European Squads
  3. France v Romania-10th June-Kick Off-8pm
  4. England v Russia-11th June-Kick Off-8pm
  5. Germany v Ukraine-12th June-Kick Off-8pm
  6. Spain v Czech Republic -13th June-Kick Off-2pm
  7. Belgium v Italy-13th June-Kick Off-8pm
  8. Portugal v Iceland-14th June-Kick Off-8pm
  9. France v Albania-15th June-Kick Off-8pm
  10. England v Wales-16th June-Kick Off-2pm
  11. Germany v Poland-16th June-Kick Off-8pm
  12. Spain v Turkey-17th June-Kick Off-8pm
  13. Belgium v Rep of Ireland-18th June-Kick Off 2pm
  14. Slovakia v England-20th June-Kick Off-8pm
  15. Has security at Euro 2016 been a disgrace?
  16. Northern Ireland v Germany-21st June-Kick Off-5pm
  17. Croatia v Spain-21st June-Kick Off-8pm
  18. Italy v Rep of Ireland-22nd June-Kick Off-8pm
  19. Last 16-Euro 2016- France
  20. R16-Switzerland v Poland-25th June-Kick Off-2pm
  21. R16-Wales v Northern Ireland-25th June-Kick off-5pm
  22. R16-Croatia v Portugal-25th June-Kick Off-8pm
  23. R16-France v Rep of Ireland-26th June-Kick Off-2pm
  24. R16-Germany v Slovakia-26th June-Kick Off-5pm
  25. R16-Hungary v Belgium-26th June-Kick Off-8pm
  26. R16-Italy v Spain-27th June-Kick Off-5pm
  27. QF-Poland v Portugal-30th June-Kick Off-8pm
  28. QF-Wales v Belgium-1st July-Kick Off-8pm
  29. QF-Germany v Italy-2nd July-Kick Off-8pm
  30. QF-France v Iceland-3rd July-Kick Off-8pm
  31. SF-Portugal v Wales-6th July-Kick Off-8pm
  32. SF-Germany v France-7th July-Kick Off-8pm
  33. Final-Portugal v France-10th July-Kick Off-8pm