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03-07-2006, 08:59 AM
Calderon claims Real presidency
Ramon Calderon
Calderon claims the Real Madrid presidency is his
Real Madrid's former director Ramon Calderon has claimed victory in the club's presidential election, but the result is clouded by uncertainty.

The 55-year-old lawyer said he had narrowly beaten Juan Palacios, but the verdict was delayed because of doubts over the inclusion of the postal vote.

"This candidate has won the elections," Calderon said on Sunday.

"The board is delaying the announcement because a member is trying to persuade candidates to challenge the result."

One of the five candidates, Juan Miguel Villar Mir, announced he would challenge the result to ensure votes sent by post were included in the poll.

"Mr Calderon can shut up and stop celebrating a victory," said Villar Mir, a 74-year-old lawyer who was Spain's finance minister from 1975-76 and Madrid's vice president in the 1990s.

"The votes sent by post have not yet been counted."

A spokesman for the club confirmed that Calderon had received 8,344 votes, 246 more than former board member Palacios and 1,642 more than Villar Mir.

The other two candidates, former president Lorenzo Sanz and lawyer Arturo Baldasano, trailed well behind in the poll, which was sparked by the ousting of Fernando Martin in April.

Approximately 42% of the 66,355 club members who were entitled to vote attended Sunday's poll in person.

A judge suspended the postal vote on Friday after Calderon and other candidates raised concerns over the lack of guarantees to ensure its legitimacy.

It is not yet clear if the judge will allow the estimated 7,000 votes that had already been cast to be counted.

Calderon has said that he will appoint former player Predrag Mijatovic, the Serbia & Montenegro striker who scored the winner in the 1998 Champions League final, as sporting director.

And he has spoken of bringing Juventus boss Fabio Capello back as coach.

Calderon has also pledged to bring Arsenal midfielder Cesc Fabregas and Chelsea winger Arjen Robben to the club and has said he is trying to close a deal to sign AC Milan's Brazil midfielder Kaka.

The new president will be expected to turn round Real's fortunes after their worst run of form in 52 years.

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03-07-2006, 11:12 AM
Although it's not official, it seems that he will be the new president in a matter of hours or a few days.
I hope it's true that Robben, Kaká and Fabregas are coming. Capello would be the coach.
Hala Madrid!