View Full Version : Park talks about ManU

11-06-2005, 08:22 AM
PSV winger Ji-Sung Park is confident he can make it at Manchester United.

INTERVIEW: "I don't think that it would be difficult to adapt," Park told the Korea Times.

"I need to think not only about football but also about living conditions there, and I have already been considering it.

"I didn't have such a big dream when I was young. What is important for me is which place would be better to develop myself faster and consistently. But I should wait to know whether the time is now or later."

Park's compatriot and PSV team-mate Young-Pyo Lee is confident that his friend could make a big impact in the Premiership.

"As you might have seen in the Champions League matches, Ji-Sung will have no problem at United if he keeps playing just like he has done with PSV," Lee said.

South Korea coach Jo Bonfrere is hopeful that Park will decide to join United and believes it will benefit both the player and Korean football.

"I think the scouting is already finished for Manchester United as they have had all year to scout him," said the Dutchman.

"For the players, it is very nice to play football at a high level.

"Moving from PSV to Manchester United is a big step, so it is good for him that he can take the step and if he makes the step he can prove that he is a good player capable of a high level of football."