View Full Version : setting up a junior football club

04-12-2006, 08:25 PM
hello, I'm thinking of setting up a local junior football team, does anyone know the precedure i.e, registering with the league, funding available (if any), finding a home pitch. Any advice or info would be gratefully recieved. thanks

rob naeth
12-12-2006, 01:04 PM
I can tell you about my area. Starting a club is easy most leagues will have ground sharing for which you pay a fee either yearly or weekly it can be as high as 100 or as low as 45 depends on the council. thats weekly or pay as you play.

First step would be to contact your local junior league then the area association, in my area they will not take any further junior leagues until somebody drops out.

Funding you can get some funding from the community chest, again it depends how much, an example in my area if I just open an under 11's I get less then if I ran and under 11's 12's 14''s and a mixed team, and then a disability team or coaching, the funding will rise.

Then you have to have a committee, people to act as treasure, secretary, and in our case if your coaching kids you might be asked for a welfare officer, all people who work with children have to have a CRB check.

The best way is to go to a park with kids playing junior football and ask the coach or manager, they will give you advice.

It is not that hard, but takes time and planning I have been planning for six months have the funding in place but boy getting the committee is murder.

If you want to know the full facts then ask your local league sectary.

Do not forget these days you have to be registered coach or qualified . Again it is not hard the course for leaders in my area cost 40 took six hours and was basic.