View Full Version : 3 votes to get me banned

22-04-2007, 12:17 PM
3 people need to vote their name and then hopefully a mod will ban me.

Notice it's only 3 as then we will easily get the 3. ill eevn advertise it in ballack thread..done.

Im happy to go, just a few things before i leave.

Ballack, yeh hes not had that good of a season, and yeh im not that infatuated, more an act.

i am infatuated, but to a point. but to a point, he is coming.

Chelsea for life.

Melbourne victory only a few years away from taking over the world

Same with the A-league and socceroos

Kudos to the odogg man, nufc (tried to stir you but even our last episode was nothing too much) Waffle (even tho you barely go on here, and only go on when i tell you to, and we have training tomorrow after school :? ) Marc (we had our moments, you thought i was a freak, maybe i was, but i think more the act i put on)
Steelyhill (ill let you continue with your good work, never really hated you, good bloke)
Forev (yeh, mate, what can i say. Chelsea for the quad.)
BJ(maybe when you move to melbourne we can have a beer)

And whoever feels ive missed em i apologise.

Goodbye, well as long as the 3 votes are accounted for.

to vote

Just type for e.g. if i voted for myself

with the number next to the star of which vote you did.

once theres 3. i will be banned, so if this is last chance to say goodbye. then yeh

Big Jono
22-04-2007, 12:19 PM
then hopefully a mod will ban me

As you wish.