View Full Version : Level 2 help needed!

29-10-2007, 02:49 PM
I am planning for my final assessment for my level 2 FA badge.

I have been given the themed topic of "FORWARD RUNS WITHOUT THE BALL".
I have to go from a technical practice to a Skill practice to a SSG (4v4).
Session is to be for 35 mins.

Unfortunately we did not cover this topic at all in the weeks coaching or in any of the internal assessments! Just my luck!
Everyone else got a session where we have comprehensive notes so they are fine!!! I have no notes on this at all.

I am guessing that timing and angle of runs are important and to include overlaps, crossover runs etc. However I really need some help in the structure.

I would really appreciate any help you could provide.
I need to specifically:

a) Figure out the technical key factors (in order) for forward runs without the ball,
b) Work out the unopposed practice structure to bring out these technical key factors (with progressions)
c) Figure out the Skill key factors (in logical order) - for the individual and unit - to coach before I reinforce the technical key factors
d) Work out the opposed practice structure to bring out these skill key factors (with progressions) and to reinforce the technical key factors
e) Work out the appropriate 4v4 SSG include the best start point for the game to bring out the key factors then allow free play and intervene where appropriate.

Is there anyone out there who could help?

Thanks for any help.