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31-12-2007, 09:41 AM

My name is Ben watts and I am a level 2 coach working towards my level 3.I coach internatinal students in my local area.I am looking to coach in my extra time either at a semi pro club or a local academy.I would also be interested in coaching abroad during the summer,for a short period of time.I have worked at confrence north level and I am always looking forward to progress in coaching.
If any one can help please reply to my post.


07-01-2008, 06:33 PM
hi Ben

Just a quick reply to your post. The best thing to do is to find out where and when your local semi pro teams train. Go down observe see how they do things make notes of how you could possibly improve things or compliment what they are allready doing. Find out who you need to speak to then introduce yourself. The club may have a youth team ie u18's that could maybe use some help. If you strike it lucky you could quite easily become involved with the reserves or first team it all depends on circumstances and obviously the impression you create too.