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Thread: What was the last football top you bought?

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    nufc 3rd kit longsleeved, shorts and socks. really tasty.
    also i have "i love mike ashley on the back. NOT. lol. i have martins 9 becase i love him after he was back in training after a couple days after grieving the death of his mother. thats true love 4 footie.

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    Re: What was the last football top you bought?

    Quote Originally Posted by Yessicajax
    Quote Originally Posted by Tez Arne
    So what was the last football you purchased? or if you got it as a present or won it, Post your new football tops here.

    One of the Polish girls in work brought me a Lech Pozna˝ top from Poland and I quite like it

    wow...that is not a cheap present...
    What did you do to make her buy that.
    Schhhhh, you'll give me a bad name ,''

    I know it musn't have been cheap, I didn't realise it was though until I went on the Poznan site and seen it was this seasons.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tom_Nufc
    Last one i bought was porto away top from 07/08.

    I like that, The home top isn't bad either.

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    Just ordered the man united 3rd top tonight with berbatov on the back. I no this is for the last top u purchased but i just have to mention the new porto home top i bought before this...i just love it so much i had to put it in

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    Be■ikta■ 2008/09 away with Zapo 26 on the back

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    I like that a lot, similar to Reading's away last season. Im guessing "Be■ikta■" is Besiktas?

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    my last shirt was the liverpool euro shirt i bought it about 1/2 an hour after the standard liege game because they had money off at anfield because they won

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    Tez just out of interest, whats with the Gremio avatar?

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    I like the kit, i like the badge and Lucas Leiva used to play for them. They're not a bad team either.

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