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Thread: Hotseat

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    Welcome to the Hotseat!

    Here is what we will be doing. Each month, one member will be selected at random to sit in The Hotseat. This member will provide a photo of themselves, aswell as answer many questions thrown at them from our lovely host RachRVP. Once the member has been selected, it will be announced in this section. Rach will then interview that member via PM. If you have any questions you would like answered by the member who is sitting in The Hotseat, you will need to PM them to RachRVP before the interview.

    This is a bit of fun, and if this all works out well, then we can expand this. When new members sign up, they can be put in The Hotseat for us to get to know them a little better.

    Members in Hotseat So Far

    Steely Hill

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    how are we gonna choose the first victim then doggy?

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    Pick them from a hat? Only use members who have been active though, like regulars or new members who are posting alot.

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    Maybe we should start off with our Current Member of the Month?

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    what a boring questionairre that would be...he never has any opinions on anything and is far too mild mannered! yawn!!

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    Its too pick a new member for Rach and Shane to groom. Floody and Millsy will never make an appearance, they've been overdone.

    Notice the two haven't posted much of late? ,

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    no no, i think you've got the wrong end of the stick here.

    anyway, i'd happily do steely hill


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    Haven't you already and haven't we had this discussion previously?

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    I have a feeling Mr Dogg will edit or delete some posts when he sees this...

    mainly Rach's posts. Mine are fine

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