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Thread: Manchester City Rumours

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    Yes I also think if Given wants to move he should go to Man City as the team are really steep on the rebuilding curve.

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    Yeah, he's the sort of calibre of player they need if they're going to get to where they want to. One of the finest 'keepers in the league.

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    City agree to a fee with Chelsea for Wayne Bridge. Around 12 million reported.

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    A good signing for sure if he can stay fit but that's a bit over the top for a left back unless they are top quality and although Bridge is a good player he isn't top class.

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    Yeah, around 10-12 million is the reported fee. A bit much, but they've got the cash..

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    Yeah they do, but it is still alot. I reckon Bridge is probably worth 6-8 million not anymore.

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    Yeah, but I think it's good negotiating for Man City's part if they go about 1-3 million over a team's original valuation over a player. The team will have little room to negotiate for more since they already offered more. Probably part of their "we won't be held for ransom" strategy.

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    Good deal for Chelsea to get 12m for Bridge.

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    Expected to join Man City really soon after Wayne Bridge, is Roque Santa Cruz.

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    Santa Cruz to Man City seems agonisingly obvious.

    Almost a matter of when rather than if.

    And he'd be perfect for them - assuming he can keep his fitness to the standard of last season, as opposed to that of pre-Blackburn.

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