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Thread: Dexter (no not him and his Laboratory)

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    Dexter (no not him and his Laboratory)

    Has anyone seen it?, I got it for christmas and have now watched half of the first season and would of finished it if it wasn't for having to do things with the family, but already I absolutely love it.

    Top program, from what I have seen and friends have told me.

    Sooooooooo good. If you get a chance to watch please do. You will like it unless you are a normal, sane person. ,

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    I watched all 3 series. The first one was good especially from episode 8, the second one was ok maybe better than the first one on some aspects, I didn't like the third one at all

    Anyway personally I deeply hate the character of Dexter

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    Really? So far I thought he was pretty cool apart from the whole serial killer thing. :P

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    No in fact in the first season hes ok

    I can't stand Rita either, she's soooo depressing

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    Yeah she is very annoying.

    The best thing about the whole season, well the first half is that Fresh Prince's mum is in it. ,

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    Lol where was she I don't remember

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    When Dex's sister and the black cop went to the black cop's mum's house for some food. Well I think it was here anyway, I saw that episode at like 1 in the morning so may be mistaken.

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    Ok If anyone cares the second series is being aired on ITV starting next week. I do recomend watching the first series, dark humour at it's best.

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    I ordered the book of which the TV series is based and it arrived this morning. Lookign forward to this should be a good read if the book is anywhere near as good as the show.

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    i LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE this show! my dog is named after it

    i still havent seen the last ep of season 2 though because it was on when holly and I went to America so i missed it here. but i was gutted because season 3 started when i was out there and i couldnt watch

    its such a good program, im gonna have to buy season 2 on dvd so i can see the last episode!

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