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Thread: Football.Co.Uk Forum Awards 2008 - THe Results

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    Congrats to everyone

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    Well done everyone.

    But thanks to none of you! As nonoe of you voted for me for anything!!!

    I wasn't here for a long time so I will let you off... this time ,

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    Roonanialdo is cleary much you can see from votes

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    thanks you to those who voted for me .....i dont know why so many think i would be most likely to get arrested ... , thank you Big Revolution for saving me from that title ....

    So i am just a wierd obsessed freak then ....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steely Hill

    who voted me idiot of the year!?
    I guess 2 people who think you are an idiot

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    more important is who thinks Floody is intelligent .....

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    Yeah didn't he fail Maths or something!?

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    congrats Ben but for me o dogg deserve win!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Boris
    Yeah didn't he fail Maths or something!?
    maybe the same member also voted him Best Female ......

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    think he is a Arsenal Ladies follower .......usually posts in the womens section and a few other sections ...if i am correct .

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