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Thread: What games do you want this year...

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    I'd expect GTA5 to be out around October/November this year.

    Not sure about Dishonored. Arkane Studios don't really have any pedigree as a Dev. It sounds like a very good idea but I don't see it working too well.

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    Yeah I won't be buying it at release but it seems like an interesting idea so one I'm keeping an eye on. Nice to see someone try something a bit different with all the generic fps games that keep being churned out

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    Definitely. It sounds really promising and the concept art/footage looks fantastic.

    If it's as half as good as it sounds and the gameplay is tight then it'll be worth a go.

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    Resident Evil 6 - Out Now!

    Call of Duty Black Ops 2 - 13th Nov

    Medal of Honour War fighter - 26th Oct.

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    As were now in 2013

    What games do you want this year?

    I'll start with GTA 5!

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    I'm looking forward to

    Saints Row 4 - 23rd Aug

    GTA V - 13th Sep

    Battlefield 4 - 1st Nov

    Call of duty - Ghosts - 5th Nov

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    GTA V

    Battlefield 4

    Call of duty - Ghosts

    FIFA 14

    Football Manager 14

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    Not long to go now until GTA 5 comes out in September! I just hope that it is as good as they are all saying

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    Can any of you guys tell me was The Walking Dead XBox 360 game really deserved to win best game of 2013?

    Also is Last of Us really ony available on PS3?

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