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Thread: What Really Grinds Your Gears?

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    Quote Originally Posted by specnur View Post
    I have travelled all over this planet and been to some of the most incredible places at that. But there are not many places better than Britain when the sun shines on it. So to hear people complaining about the heat, the rare time the sun does shine on this fine country , is an absolute joke. Grow a pair ffs!

    wind, rain or shine people in Britain will complain about the weather.

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    The TRNSMT festival - basically its a mini T in the Park for this year but the people attending are just as annoying. Just back from a weekend in Ayr and had to travel via Glasgow back on the Friday and Monday accompanied on the train by a huge group of festival goers with huge backpacks blocking the doors and ends of the carriages with one group slumped in the middle of the carriage singing an accapella version of the 'Definately Maybe' album. Worse still were 2 girls opposite who spent the entire hour long journey (which seemed about 5 hours long!) staring at their mobile phones without looking up but still having a conversation at a volume of 500 decibels.

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    This scourge ........

    I have a friend in East London who had her mobile stolen by this lot of moped riding scum , in broad daylight ffs!
    Well i am just glad this didn't happen to her absolutely horrorific.
    Grind my gears?
    It made my blood boil this morning.
    How can you be willing to do so much damage for something so trivial.
    How much time will this degenerate get? 6 year ,7? he should get 20 years minimum ffs!
    That's the only way you deter acts such as these .

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    Something has to be done by the government now to stop these bloody acid attacks.

    2 teenagers have now been arrested by police for carrying out at
    least 5 acid attacks last night in Hackney,East London in the space of just a couple of hours.

    I agree that its time the police started tackling these moped robbers but
    they are not allowed to chase them if any of them take off their helmets after a white youth
    in Islington died during a pursuit last year as the old bill were taken to court by the boys family.

    I personally dont give a shit if these moped robbers are wearing crash helmets or not.
    The law should still chase the little bastards down and knock them off their bikes if its needed.

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    Yep, as a I said a little while ago, they need to treat acid attacks as though it were a firearm attack.

    I'm struggling to think of a more cowardly way of attacking somebody than dousing them in that sh*t.

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    Acid itself needs to be much more difficult to get hold of from now.

    It's far to easy for these mugs to get their hands on.

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    I don't know if it's the right option but I would rather get shot than thrown acid to my face.

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    Moped criminals have struck again this time murdering
    a man for his rolex watch who was on his way home after
    a night out in Greenwich,London and now a little 5 year old girl
    will grow up without a father because of these scumbags.

    when are the Met Police going to start arresting these criminals?

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    at the risk of trivialising the thread given the tone of the last few gripes I need to air this one:

    tv shows in which the volume of the audience laughter is significantly higher than that of the people actually talking. so when I'm watching TV with the kids asleep I can barely hear what is being said but I know for certain the audience are finding it hilarious.

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    Big Ben isn't going to bong for 4 years due to repair work!

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