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Thread: Eurovision Song Contest

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    Eurovision Song Contest

    So the final is on Saturday. Any predictions yet? Anyone who will or even won't win?

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    Russia has one which is solid and should be popular/entertaining, but a little dull in the chorus. Catchy.

    Not a bad word to say about our entry, except good luck getting votes.

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    United Kingdom at 16/1 is my bet.

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    no predictions cos ive only heard the UK song, but i shall be watching as i love the cheese of eurovision!

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    Im loving the cheese on my pizza right now. I wil be watching. But only for when they go and get the votes from the countries. They all have lovely personalities dont you think?

    Cheering for England, but you know whats its like. Even if we have a good song.

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    Omg, GB were 5th! What's going on there

    Norton was pretty entertaining. Songs were crap as usual. I did notice the spanish singer was quite hot though.

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    i think that was a brilliant result for the UK and it was definitely one of the best songs. didnt get the attraction with the winning song though....odd. germany was amazing, complete cheese ,

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    Croatia didnt do well, I thought they would have. It was better than that silly Norway one. A lot were better than that.

    Missed Russia. Got there about 12-13 in. Most were a good standard.

    Would have been nice to be there in that stadium/arena whatever. Some funny moments Norton was good, but should have talked more.

    Iceland and Turkey entries were alright.

    Yeah, not bad 5th.

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    here's the winning song:

    I wouldnt go as far as sayign its good, catchy is the right word.

    Lordi is still my favourite entry though.

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    Norway were brilliant. Love Russia, Portugal, Sweden, Malta and Armenia - all brilliant. Think its the best Contest in a good few years! Bring on Oslo 2010!

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