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Thread: Eurovision Song Contest

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    Ha get in there Alexandr!

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    i know all the words to that song now ....does that make me sad ...?

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    I'm in love with a fairytale.

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    Its the Eurovision song contest tonight in Baku,Azerbaijan.

    Representing the UK is veteran singer Englebert Humperdinck.

    I hope that Greece win as it would cost them a fortune to host next years show and maybe force them to quit the Euro!

    Any comments?

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    Got to be Jedward!! I hope they lose their passports while they are over there

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    Quote Originally Posted by ToffeeBlue
    Got to be Jedward!! I hope they lose their passports while they are over there
    I hope they also lose their life.

    Yeah I went there.

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    It was another disaster for the UK!

    This time we came second from bottom with only 12 points

    I really think that we should quit now and just let the rest of Europe get on with it.

    It didn't really help that we had a 76 year old veteran competing for us singing such a dull and boring song.

    If that is all that we have to offer then lets just save our money next time and stay at home.

    Sweden were the winners with a catchy dance track called Euphoria which has already been No1 in several European nations.

    The Russian grannies who had been tipped to win only came 3rd behind Serbia who did better than many predicted.

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    There are 26 countries taking part in the final, with 25 not winning. It seems some people are there just to make up the numbers and earn their share of fame. Everyone could hear that Humperdinck had a terrible song, apart from the British public.
    I guess that's the same with Jedward. Give them some more fame, why not? Last years song was better than this year for them.

    Sweden has a really good trance record. I went for Albania to win it.

    Maybe next year we might actually pick a decent song to even think of winning the thing.

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    hahahahaha...i hope this proves to all the people who think having a famous name will guarantee success at Eurovision it does not has to be a good song does not have to be written by Andrew Lloyd Webber or be sung by the latest big chart sensation ..

    The UK entry this year was painfully old fashioned and boring ..however well sung by The Hump ...and those who say because we were on first the song was forgotten about ..well those russian grannies were on 6th and they came second .!! , no it needs a song that fits the Eurovision image and current flavour ...last year we came 11th it is possible ..just need that final ingrediant .

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