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Thread: And the weather outside today is . . .

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    Back on topic.
    Its the 1st of March and the start of Spring.
    Looks like we have got away with another uneventful winter.

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    My gosh! After 3 months in the UK ,just got back to New York and it gave me a brutal reminder of how cold it gets over here ffs!
    The day before apparently it was 70 degrees ,when i arrived of the plane at 11.20 pm the cold cut right through everything i and on.
    Even though i thought prepared with layers .Bone chilling stuff! But at flats the sun is shining bright as you like .

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    beautiful weather in London,hottest day of the year so far but back to normal on Monday.

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    Beautiful summer type weather in London this week.
    we could reach 30C on Saturday! Anyone fancy an ice cream?!

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    Very hot in London yesterday with 32 C making it warmest day of year.
    could be even hotter today!

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    weather really is shite this summer.

    Its lucky we had that hot spell back in June.

    August is set to become the wettest in last 5 years.

    Maybe we might get an Indian September?

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    Good for my new lawn I just laid down though.

    Ah..... these summer days just fly by.......

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    Storm Eileen is coming to bring lousy windy wet weather to most of England and Wales today and tommorow. Shouldnt really complain seeing what happened recently in the Carribean. BoJo the clown is over there now to see the damage - haven't they suffered enough?.

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    Strange Red sky over London this afternoon?!
    What the feck is going on?!
    Is there a zombie apocalypse coming our way?

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    We had dark skies over here too this afternoon. It looked like night time at one point! Apparently it was a mixture of wild fire smoke from northern Portugal and sand being carried over by Hurricaine Ophelia. The hurricaine is due to hit us here tomorrow but the winds should not be as strong as the ones that have battered Ireland today.

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