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Thread: And the weather outside today is . . .

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    Quote Originally Posted by ForeverUnited
    Quote Originally Posted by Big Jono
    Yea i bet that took the sag out of the bag eh Forev?
    Like you wouldn't believe! Swallowed some sea water and that was last nights drink and chinese on the way back up. The vomit was red, so you know.
    oh my gosh,,,,you could write a book about your adventures,,,,sure is interesting reading on here

    today in Sacramento CA it was 87degrees with only 23% humidity....very nice.

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    It was sunny all day here today! Not too hot but no rain. Weve had great weather recently. We went 2 weeks with barely no rain recently. The sea is still freezing though!

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    It's 103 degrees today but very dry heat love it! Supposed to be 106 by Saturday...this is hotter than normal.

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    like a tornado here in Teesside, mad winds and very cloudy

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    quite nice here at the moment , sunny and mild breeze . ,

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    Not bad here , bit of sun , bit of cloud . mild and a good breeze

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    It's just nothingness here, just overcast with a breeze.

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    fry an egg on the sidewalk temp.... 107 in the shade.....but 18% humidity.

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    Couldn't do that here - mind you, it is after midnight lol

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