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Thread: Professional player looking for club

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    Professional player looking for club

    Hi there,
    Writing on behalf of my boyfriend. Hes just finished playing 3 seasons of football in the Spanish 3rd division. Hes looking to move on and has had lots of offers in Spain and one from China but I know hes quite interested in clubs in Europe and the UK. Does anyone know of any clubs that might be looking for an excellent striker?

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    Well yes but defo not until we have seen him play!!

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    Newcastle are looking for a few players.

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    Hes going to China within the next few days to have trials there. But a few trials in Europe/UK would be nice.

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    You should try Wolverhampton Wanderers. They need a good striker.

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    Does anyone have any contact numbers for clubs that are looking?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Twinkle
    Darren, have sent you a PM.
    Have you? I don't seem to have one. Also, I think it would be much better if your boyfriend would doing the asking, clubs dont think much of lads getting their missus to do the leg work!

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    Contact Details for Chelsea

    Addres :-

    Stamford Bridge Stadium, Fulham Road, Chelsea, SW6 1HS

    Telephone: +44 (0) 207 385 5545

    Man Utd

    Addres :-

    Old Trafford,
    Sir Matt Busby Way,
    M16 0RA

    Telephone :- 0161 868 8000

    Good luck

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    i am a great player..i play like owen..that are my characteristics , ,

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