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Thread: Alessandro del piero

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    Alessandro del piero

    This is my view

    Let us try to be objective in this one. As far as people can be objective when itís about Del Piero, that is. I think there are three questions that are important here:
    a) Did Del Piero have a bad season?
    b) Can Del Piero still be of any value to Juventus?
    c) Would Capello see Del Pieroís value?

    When answering the first question a lot of people will jump up and start screaming that Del Piero "choked" against the big teams. Truth be told he wasnít in great shape against the likes of Inter, Milan, Real Madrid and Liverpool, but he did score 12 goals in the Serie A and managed to get 2 in the Champions League. Whatís even more important than those statistics is that his goals were vital. They actually brought home points. Zlatanís hattrick against Lecce for example didnít give Juventus any extra points. So, despite being subbed frequently and sometimes deservedly, I think we can conclude Del Piero had a fairly good season.
    Then thereís b). We concluded that Ale was important to Juventus this season, but I have my doubts for next year. With Mutu being able to play, Zlatan having a pretty certain starting role and Zalayeta and Trezeguet filling up the places, Del Piero may very well be pushed out. We should keep in mind that Cassano might be playing in bianconero next season as well. At the moment neither Cassano nor Mutu are lesser players than Del Piero, so Juventus can pretty much do without Alessandro.
    And finally we have c). As told in the article, Capello particularly dislikes small forwards. When we look at Montella this season, we have to conclude that Capello simply did not recognise his value when coaching Roma. As far as Capello is concerned, itís "arrividerci Ale".

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    Still has the class but any move for him maybe too late!

    Maybe Bolton can pull it off and sign him!

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    I dont know what it is, Piero and Totti were in the runnings for orldplayer of the year a few years back.

    I think it is because they need a new challenge maybe play in the greatest league in the world.

    That would benefit both.

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