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Thread: Shay Given - Newcastle United

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    Shay Given - Newcastle United

    Shay Given has become the latest in a long line of [forum=47]Newcastle[/forum] players to voice their discontent with the club's lack of progress.

    The Toon endured a season of abject misery, lurching from one sordid disaster to another, and finished in the bottom half of the [forum=3]Premiership[/forum].

    "I'm worried about the clubís direction after whatís been a really disappointing season," the goalkeeper said. "Itís going to be very hard for the chairman and the manager to attract the necessary quality to a club that is in the InterToto Cup."

    Given has previously been linked with both [forum=33]Arsenal[/forum] and ManYoo, and by publicly voicing his frustration the Irishman is bound to reignite suggestions he could leave St Jamesí this summer.

    "I feel at this point that I should be winning medals," he added. "I have won nearly 70 caps for my country and, having just turned 29, I feel like I'm in the prime of my career. I know the time will fly, so I want to win something."

    For Given, the most galling disappointment of the season was the Tooís exit from the [forum=15]UEFA Cup[/forum]. Despite being 2-0 ahead on aggregate during their quarter-final tie against Sporting Lisbon, Newcastle capitulated to a 4-1 defeat. Four days later, ManYoo knocked Graeme Sounessís side out of the [forum=8]FA Cup[/forum] and the Tooís season was effectively over.

    "I truly believed that we could win the Uefa Cup, more so than the FA Cup. I couldn't speak properly to anyone for days after that. Now it looks like Sporting, a team we were capable of beating, are going to win it.

    "To me the Uefa Cup was Newcastle's big chance of making the breakthrough and finally winning a trophy. Personally I feel at this point as if I should be winning medals. I am not being egotistical but I've won nearly 70 caps and having just turned 29 I feel like I am in the prime of my career. I know the time will fly so I want to win something.

    "I also know how this will sound but I don't think I am saying anything different from our supporters. I could hear what they were shouting on Sunday. They have been amazing again and nothing would please me more than winning a trophy in their colours."

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    I agree with Shay. The Toon should be a team fighting for a place in the Champions League and they should without a doubt be getting a Uefa cup spot. I dont know if Souness was the right man to do this for them, I think Mark Hughes woul dhave been better off. But yeah Necastle have been consistantley under acheiving and they need to sort it out soon, before it to late.

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