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Thread: Lower league sweep

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    Quote Originally Posted by hoopy
    Bit of Australian rivalry eh

    If I get lumbered with Brentford ill be so annoyed, they are going down.
    Yeah me and Tangy go to school together, play cricket etc

    I want Brentford!!!!

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    Brentford are going down!

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    Steve is at work now so he'll put you in later or tomorrow, dont think that you are being ignored.

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    Bring it on Ando ur goooooooonnnnnnneeee!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I want Birmingham, Coventry, Brentford, Millwall, MK Dons or Hartelpool. Anyone of those will do.

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    When do we find out the teams?

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    Lol you don't get to choose though ,

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    I must say id love it if i had MK Dons or Birmingham

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