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Thread: Redundant topics

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    Redundant topics

    Please could members try before starting a new topic
    to do a search to see if we already have a thread on that subject.

    I know our forum search engine is pretty useless however
    Google is your friend and you can do a Forum.Football.Co.UK search on there.

    For example just type in Google

    Forum.Football.Co.Uk Ronaldo v Messi and see what comes up!



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    is this now a redundent topic ...

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    Yes, ironically it is. Yeekiat already made a thread like this

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    Here we go again
    Raúl González Over 400 career goals, 3 UCL, 6 La Liga, Top scorer in history of UCL and Spain's national team for a decade, captain of one of the best generations of players in Real Madrid history.

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    Also I find that searching on Google usually doesnt work unless you get the title very accurate

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    that thread Yeekiat posted was very helpful in support/technical , it does work when searching for topics .

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