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Thread: Season Long Bets

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    I see, but it probably costs more to make those bets right? Due to my shortage of funds, I usually just make single bets, or those bets where every result have to be correct in order for me to win, not sure what u call them :P

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    Well, after reading this thread i decided to place a accumulator.

    Scottish Division 2 Scottish Division Two 2009/2010
    22-08-2009 15:00
    Outright Betting
    Brechin @ 2/1

    Serie A Outright Serie A 2009-2010
    23-08-2009 14:00
    Outright Betting
    Inter Milan @ 8/11

    Spanish La Liga Spanish Primera Liga Outright 2009-2010
    30-08-2009 16:00
    Outright Betting
    Barcelona @ 5/6

    Scottish Premier Scots Premier 2009/2010
    22-08-2009 12:30
    Outright Betting
    Celtic @ 8/11

    Premier League 2009-2010 Premier League 2009/2010
    22-08-2009 15:00
    Outright Betting
    Chelsea @ 6/4

    Scottish Division 1 Scottish Division One 2009-2010
    22-08-2009 15:00
    Outright Betting
    Dundee @ 11/10

    Blue Square Premiership Blue Square Premiership 2009-2010
    22-08-2009 15:00
    Outright Betting
    Luton @ 15/8

    Coca-Cola League 2 Coca-Cola League 2 2009/2010|
    22-08-2009 15:00
    Outright Betting
    Notts County @ 13/8

    Coca-Cola League 1 Coca-Cola League 1 2009/2010|
    21-08-2009 19:45
    Outright Betting
    Charlton @ 5/1

    Coca-Cola Championship Coca-Cola Championship 2009/2010|
    22-08-2009 15:00
    Outright Betting
    Newcastle @ 5/1

    Accumulator (10)
    1 line at 1.00 per line
    Total stake for this bet: 1.00
    Potential returns: 23,405.26

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    Pokerkings, looks like good bet, although some of the leagues I just dont know about, u have a wide arrange of knowledge in the diffferent leagues :P

    Just to make sure, this accumulator bet, for u to win all the results must be correct right? So its payin 1-340?

    Sorry but I'm just trying to learn what sort of bets u guys have there

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    Yeah that's right, it's a accumulator bet. All teams must win their leagues in order for me to win the bet.

    It's highly unlikely which is why only 1 get's you 23,000+ if they all come in.

    But you never know......

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    If its paying 1-340 thats definitely worth it. I myself like these kinds of bets too. Probably dont get anywhere as much variety and leagues as u do there though, so jealous, since more fun. Oh well, I can only think of it as less ways for me to lose money :P

    GL with it though! My biggest win odds wise was 1-440, that was sooooooooo enjoyable

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    I heard the markets been put up on West Hams player of the year...

    think ill take a stab at Callum Davenport.

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    Re: Season Long Bets

    Quote Originally Posted by Steely Hill
    put in on a syndicate last week:

    winners of each league.

    West Brom
    Norwich (yes, i know the score on staurday!)

    6 of us put 22 in on a Yankee and stand to win 36,000. a cool 6k for me.

    anyone else in it for the long haul?
    all of my boys doing pretty well.

    Norwich now climbing the table also...

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    My humble opinion is Barca will win the league for sure, as they are better overall and more consistent than Real. Paying around 1.8, low odds but almost a sure win :P But I dont have any money What do u guys think, I know Pokerking has it in his accumulator

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    Im thinking if I had more money, I would definitely put a decent amount on Barca to win the CL, the odds is around 4-1 now and I just dont see many other options who can win it. Also, I think Spain to win the WC is a very good odds too, around 4.5-1.

    Everyone agree with me? ,

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    Hey, anyone got an opinion on this?

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