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Thread: Championship Manager 10

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    The Demo Download Link:

    English Challenge demo:

    Just downloaded it.

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    The 3D match engine is very good a lot better than FM's.

    The transfer system is pretty much the same as FM's.

    One problem I've found is that players fitness drops fast, I don't no if it's because of training techniques or a glitch but in one match I had too use my 3 subs in the first 20 minutes!!

    It doesn't have the talk to the media option like in FM's which i felt was kinda disappointing.

    You can create your own set pieces and watch training matches.

    Though one thing I didn't like was the media were linking people like Michael Owen with some Brazilian club which is very unrealistic.

    Jury's still out for me.

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    Decided I'm not gonna buy this game.

    Some of the info on players are all wrong and the 3D match engine looks good but doesn't play that well most games I play finish 1-0 or 2-1 or 1-1 very rarely will you have a high scoring game no matter which teams you choose.

    Also you can't really adjust your team settings a lot, in FM you can select how high the defensive line should be etc but in CM you can only choose the teams tempo and style of play.

    Gonna stick to FM thanks.

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    i was bored yesterday and went to download this demo and it took forever and just cancelled in the end

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    Took me about an hour.

    I wouldn't of bothered to be honest I didn't rate the game at all. FM is a lot better and so is FIFA Manager.

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    The thing to set up your set-pieces and in particular your free-kicks is something i thought FM should bring in. That small part of CM looks very good at least.

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    Championship Manager's days are dead! Football Manager and Football Superstars are far better although I'm loving Fifa 10! FM Live is worth checking also.

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    Re: Championship Manager 10

    It Very Good
    Championship Manager 2010 (abbreviated to Championship Manager 10 or CM 2010) is a Football Manager simulation video game. It is developed by Beautiful Game Studios and published by Eidos Interactive. It was released on PC on September 11, 2009 making it the first Championship Manager game to be released before Football Manager since Championship Manager 2007.[1]

    The Mac OS X version of the game shipped from Virtual Programming on November 23, 2009.

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