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Thread: New International Kits

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    Whoa! this topic has just had 666 views lol, until i brought my fat ass here...

    anyway back to the topic, carry on

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    Loving those Puma shirts, particularly the ones with stripes or hoops, with the shoulder contrasting - quality!

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    Possible France shirt should they qualify for the World Cup...

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    Greece 10/11...

    Paraguay 10/11...

    Mexico 10/11...

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    Probable Spain...

    ...and Saaarf Aaaafrika

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    its Seth Efrica sparky!

    They both look a tad boring to be honest. The Spain shirt with the black stripe was so much better than this.

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    Mexico official:

    Germany official:


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    All very nice.

    I heard the German one was unveiled on the same day that Enke died, before they heard obviously.

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    Seth Efrica




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