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Thread: Pro Coaching (full time Jobs)

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    ive just came across this website/forum and alot of what people have said is true..

    i myself am looking to get as high as i can within football especially on the coaching side due me tearing my acl.. now i coach two local junior teams u8's an u13's and am with everton football club (Community) i enjoy it, got my youth modules and cos i put time in, the club who i coach for have said the will pay for my level 1&2 and thats just after a year... now my next step in coaching will be to coach a local youth team then a local reserve team and so on.. the more experiences i get the more confident i will be cos when i went down to everton i was shocked by the amount of work that has to be done and thats just in the community.. so take as much advice on as you can and the experience and just wait... things will happen

    now me personally who loved to coach/manage a pro team dont think any1 would disagree with that but i suggest take 1 step at a time start from u'8s and then go on through amateur sides then an opportunity my arise in semi-pro or academy level etc

    I would love to know where the lad is now and what is he doing who started this forum?? would be interesting

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    coaching opportunities

    I think people with ambition who are prepared to gain knowledge and study for there badges has a chance of making it in the game.. its about having a style as well as learning from others. The likes of benitez, Houlier, Wenger and mourinho all finished playing early and studied the game and have gone on to big things. Benitez has a Sports Science degree and some of the others i mentioned have come from a teaching backgrounds. Being a manager now at the top level is not just about the squad of players they have, its also about working with your back room staff and monitoring every aspect of the game such as nutrition, sports science, stats of other teams and players and scouting networks.

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    Re: Pro Coaching (full time Jobs)

    I was 34 by the time I worked my way into a professional academy set up. Stick with it and leave your ego at home and people will respect that and you will learn a ton. Surround yourself with good coaches whenever possible. Have innovative training sessions ready when you get the opportunity to impress. Remember that organization is a big part of coaching at that level also!

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    Re: Pro Coaching (full time Jobs)

    Does any of you know the starting wage for a Level 1 football coach? This site has asked but I cannot find the answer.

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