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Thread: Ipswich Town Football Club Miss a chance!

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    Ipswich Town Football Club Miss a chance!

    Joe Royal says that he is now looking forward to playing Sunderland on a pich {Portman road} that his team can play football on. He compared the Wolves pitch last night as a cabbage patch but granted it was a cabbage patch for both sides!

    Personally if they had won last night and beat Sunderland Sunday they would have been in the driving seat for the 2nd spot but as it is i think they will get stuffed Sunday and lose in the play offs!

    Season defining week - not so good for the tractor boys!

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    Come on The Tractor Boys!!!

    I have a few friends from that part of the country, would be good to see them move up for next year, give them a chance to play some proper football!! :P

    Come on the Tractor Boys

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    you cant blame a pitch ! Its the same for both sides and if they were true class they could do it on any pitch !

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    The tractor boys, seen em twice this year, home and away, cause well im a derby fan.
    no offence, but there nuffin special. In the first 30mins when derby played them away, we could have been 4-0 up, but didnt take our chances unfortunatly. I dont think there defence is the best, and i recon that could be there down fall. But i must say, Joe Royal has done a good job.

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