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Thread: The Footballers behaving badly thread.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steely Hill
    there's a shock.

    it was obvious he was a brainless chav the moment i clapped eyes on him for the first time.

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    fair play to him if he actually is giving his cut to charity(i have my doubts) but bad that he is getting his grubby mate an easy 2k, what i dont understand is why people are paying such money for a tour?

    rumour has it the other high profile figures involved are Michael Owen and William Gallas

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    Why the hell is he taking 8000 (peanuts to him) for something that could potentieally get him a good bit of trouble with his club? If he really cared that much he could donate the 8 grand out of his wages.

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    A crime hasn't been committed here but a footballer has behaved badly.

    Arsenal striker Theo Walcott must have more money then sense.

    He has splashed out 140K on a Ferrari as a present for his girlfriend
    how ever she rejected the expensive gift as it was too flash and not her style.

    Well done Theo Walcotts girlfriend.....

    It shows that you can't always impress someone just by spending a lot of money.

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    it also shows she's an ungrateful slag!

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    yeah has he behaved badly ....

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    what a pillock! Didn't have the common sense to do a bit of research and find out what the girl really wanted and went over the top with some superficial trinket. If i were her i would ditch him for insulting her with such immature behaviour.
    Now you by her a land drover and what you are saying is ,i love you and i want to protect you when we are apart so i bought you this tank.

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    Spend 10p on something personal that involves an in-joke. Worth more than a Ferrari any day. But you know what footballers are like. Money solves everything.............

    I'll be saying this now but if I win the lottery I'll change my view , !!!!!!

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    i think the main reason she rejected it was because it was embarrasing for her at uni where all her mates are struggling to pay rent .....whatever ..etc and she drives up in a 140,000 Ferrari ....just the insurance cost Theo Walcott about 20,000 for the year ..

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    Tottenham Hotspur manager Harry Redknapp has been charged with two counts of tax evasion.

    Mr Redknapp, 62, attended Bishopsgate police station to be charged with a 40,000 tax evasion.

    The charges relate to two payments totalling US $295,000 allegedly made from former Portsmouth City chairman Milan Mandaric to Mr Redknapp.

    Mr Redknapp will appear at the City of Westminster Magistrates' Court on 11 February.

    A Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) spokesman said: "The CPS Revenue and Customs Division decided there was sufficient evidence and it was in the public interest to charge Mr Redknapp.

    "He is jointly charged with Milan Mandaric, the former chairman of Portsmouth Football Club, following an investigation by the City of London Police and HM Revenue and Customs."

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