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Thread: Frank Queudrue dreams of Republic of Ireland start

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    Frank Queudrue dreams of Republic of Ireland start

    Franck Queudrue's hopes of playing for the Republic of Ireland have been dashed due to the Middlesbrough defender making a mistake over his Irish ancestry.

    Where was the man born!

    In my opinion he is not good enough to play for Luxembourg!

    Play for the team where you were born!

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    Hes French, he thought his grandad was Irish but it was his great grandad, we dont need him anyway.

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    Thats like saying all the french players should play for African countries as most were born there.

    Frank is a good player, Ireland would do well to have him.

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    I think he is a good player and has been great for Middlesborough this season. Would be interesting, who plays at left-back for Ireland?

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    Ian Harte i think mars_, I dont agree with this grandparents thing, I thinky ou should only be able to play for the country you were born in ! Dont you agree ?

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    I dont really agree there, I think at least if your parents are from a certain country then you should be alowed to play for them.

    As for the left back think, Harte hasnt played for us for about 2 years. I cant really think right now but O' Shea is our no. 1 left back I think.

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