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Thread: Coaching Vacancies

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    Coaching Vacancies

    I'm new to, but I haven't seen anywhere to post any coaching vacancies.

    So post away! Any coaching jobs, any level, an club, etc...

    Also, post if you are looking for coaching work, because we all know how difficult it can be to find work in football!

    Thank you,

    Tom Fawdry

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    Hi Tom

    I think this topic is a good idea and have made it into a sticky so it stays at the top of this section.

    If there are any clubs out there then of any level looking for coaches and offering paid or even unpaid work

    Please post the information here.

    Also post your details here ONLY if your a qualified coach and have passed at least Level One.

    NOT if you are thinking about doing a course or are in the middle of one.

    I will moniter this thread to see how it goes.



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    Thanks Hams, good input! Appreciate it!

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    I am looking for holiday coaching work, coaching football at holiday clubs/camps. I am a F.A level 2 coach and also have an award for 200 hours of voluntry work as well as first aid and child protection certificates. I can work in Sheffield and Gloucester aswell as surrounding areas of each.

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    Might as well throw my hat into the ring.

    I'm a level two qualified coach (Currently taking the level three) in the Manchester/Greater manchester area. Looking for either part time work or any oppurtunity to build up experiance, unpaid or otherwise. Even work over the holidays would be great.

    Running into a bit of a brick wall at the minute so any help would be appreciated.

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    I organise soccer schools in many areas and use paid and unpaid coaches.Please contact me with your details if you are interested including age , area , qualifications etc.

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    Welcome on the forum Soccer Schools and thanks for posting your info.

    If any of you guys are interested please drop him a line with all the relevant details.



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    Hi Soccer Schools,

    I'm interested, I'm 24, live in Wolverhampton and i'm a level 2 qualified coach, currently coaching an under 12's team.


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    North Cambridgeshire
    Level 2 & FA Youth Awards Module 1 & 2
    Experience with U6 up to U13 age groups
    Currently coach 3 teams (U8, U11, U13)

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    If you want to send me details including age, qualifications, employment status, driving licence, and contact phone number ait may be best to use private messages. thanks. Alan.

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