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Thread: Clive's Lounge

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    Clive's Lounge

    This thread carries on from the original lounge thread which can be found here:

    Once a thread gets that long we get the annoying bug in the forum of the last page showing no topics for this post and having to go back to the page before.

    So heres The Lounge........ Part Deux!

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    We have Sky Sports in the new lounge and a free bar also on Saturday nights.

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    The Hideout > The Lounge.

    Well not anymore... But meh.

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    i'm glad there is sky sports in here cos there certainly isnt in my house after my mum cancelled it

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    I love Teenwolf
    Graphics were so much better
    back then

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    What do we have to drink?

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    Quote Originally Posted by rachrvp
    i'm glad there is sky sports in here cos there certainly isnt in my house after my mum cancelled it

    i`d disown her ...some things you just dont do .....

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    i know, i was sooo angry. i'm moving to Canada to get back at her

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bayaker
    What do we have to drink?
    Due to the governments new laws on binge drinking we won't be having a happy hour

    However there will be a lap dancing night on a Friday in the new lounge to make up for it.

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    was watching the WWE monday night raw a few weeks ago .....the special guest host was none other than Bret the Hitman Hart ....back in a WWE ring for the first time in 12 years .....if you didnt know ..back then Vince Macmahon and Shaun Michaels famously screwed Bret Hart so to speak when Bret was supposed to have tapped out while in a sharpshooter applied by Shaun Michaels . Of course it was clear Bret never tapped out and Bret spat at Vince from the ring after losing his WWF title ....he also punched him in the face backstage .

    So in the show Bret called out Shaun Michaels and made up ...shook hands ...etc , when later on Vince and Bret seemed to have settled their differences ...hugged and shook hands , Vince suddenly turned and kicked Bret in the gonads .....

    Vince said he never forgot and never forgave Bret for what he did back then ...

    Now i was completely shocked that something like that would happen ........shocked i tell you ..

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