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Thread: Australian Open

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    So Murray will be up against Federer in the Mens final on Sunday then.

    The Swiss No1 brushed aside his opponent Tsonga in the semi final in 3 sets today.

    Murray is going to have be at his very best to defeat Federer in the final.

    He has beaten him a couple of times before which will give him some hope.........

    Any comments on the final?

    Who do you think will win this years first grand slam?

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    Federer played pretty well in the semi against a flat flat flat Tsonga.

    Federer will probably win but i'll be cheering for the Scot. Such an intelligent player. He just needs to win the first set. Federer is Mr. 97% in grand slam matches when he wins the first set. An amazing stat.

    If I have to watch Federer cry again i'm going to throw up.

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    I'm hoping the Fed Ex can deliver once again!

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrtz
    I'm hoping the Fed Ex can deliver once again!

    I hope his service gets lost in the mail!

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    unlucky andy you miserable git.

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    It's all routine for the man. Absolute legend.

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    Congrats to Roger Federer for winning The Aussie Open.

    He showed again why he is No1 in the world with another faultless performance.

    I thought Murray might get back into the match in The 3rd set but it was just too much for him.

    A great achievement though for him reach The final and that first Grand Slam will come one day for sure.

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    Absolute masterclass, Federer still has all his old skill and finesse. Murray was soundly and deservedly beaten.

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    Message to Murray: don't mess with the Fed Express!!!

    I love the way Murray was fired up after winning the break point in the 3rd set like he just won the World Cup. Federer coolly broke him back and eventually dealt him the knockout blow.

    Unlucky Beavis.

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    Federer's Grand Slam record is unbelieveable. Since he was knocked out of the French (i think) in the 3rd round in 2004, his record is:

    Played: 23 Grand Slams

    Winner: 16

    Runner-up: 4

    Semi-Final: 3

    Ridiculously good.

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