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Thread: Level 1/Level 2/ UEFA B

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    Re: Level 1/Level 2/ UEFA B

    Quote Originally Posted by mattycoach
    Hi Guys,

    I've read through a lot of the coaching forum and a few are asking questions about the course. I've just completed the 9 month course so if anyone would like any information or help about the UEFA B or any coaching badges, please feel free to message me.

    Hi Matty

    I'm a South African guy who is visiting in the UK and would like to know how does one go around getting his level 1 & 2 coaching badges? I coach at a high school level back home and would really like to enhance myself with more knowledge of the game.

    Thanks a lot..


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    uefa b topics


    I have just recieved my uefa b final assessment topics

    SSG – Improve your team’s understanding of how to support the lone striker

    Phase – Teach your team when to mark zonally, and when to mark man-to-man

    Can anyone offer any help or advice in preperation for this


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    I have from a long time ago had The FA Preliminary Coaching Badge, does this still count for anything?

    Where would I have to start if i wished to continue my coaching qualifications?

    Any comments appreciated

    many thanks

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    hi all,

    im in the north of england and looking to do my uefa b, a few things i would like to know...|

    1. how much is the course?

    2. if you fail, how many times can you do it?

    3. do you have to pay again if you fail?


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    fa safeguarding


    i am on a level one course but missed my safeguarding due to work
    do you know of other places than the norfolk fa that run these courses?



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    Hi Matty

    I would like to know since you obtained the level 3 (uefa B) already over 3 years ago, how far have you got in your coaching career and whats your plan going forward? Its interesting to know since you managed to get all your badges at a young age.


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    Re: Level 1/Level 2/ UEFA B


    Hopefully the below article might help with UEFA B and the FA courses in general - any questions please feel free to ask.

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