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Thread: UEFA Cup 2005 semi finalist are completed

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    UEFA Cup 2005 semi finalist are completed

    AZ Alkmaar 67 v Sporting Lison
    Parma V CSKA Moscow

    All deserved to be there - but i feel that this was probably Newcastles best chance of silverware for a long long time!

    Being 2 nil up on aggregate and then being stuffed 4-2 was on thru pathetic defending!

    Goal One - Titus Bramble fumbled header
    Goal Two - Bad defending - Fumbled shot by given - Tap in for the forward
    Goal Three - No mans land and free header froma corner
    Goal Four - Steven Car - enough said

    No hard feelings though they deserved to win on the night and Newcastle squandered numerous opportunities!

    Shame that they will be destroyed on Sunday too i fear in the FA Ciup semi!

    Good luck to the other four teams!

    Lisbon will be hard to beat now - Especially as the final is in their own stadium!

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    Deserved win

    Sporting crushed Newcastle, though NewCastle had some chances, Newcastle scored 1 goal with a false free kick, and Shearer scored cause Beto defender was grabbed that time.
    In the 2 game a mistake from Polga, gave the 1-0 to Newcastle, but dispite that scored the goals the team that played football (yeah i dont call what Newcastle did as soccer, maybe american football but not soccer)
    Doaula returned just now from an injury (you didnt see he running as usual), Barbosa played injured!, Custodio returned just now from an long injury too,Hugo Viana not released from Newcastle to play, and Liedson (23 goals in internal championship) suspended, and Niculie is playing after a 3 year! injurie not in the best fitness yet, and best player Moutinho of 18 years old (Custodio returned just now from an injury), so lamme escuses of Souness calling Newcastle players as "boys" not mans to justify the loss of a game where only 1 team played.

    P.S: My personal opinion Beto one of best european defenders of Europe, Real Madrid had an eye on him, Shearer just had not a chance.
    P.S2: The General how much corner kicks before that 3 goal? And who missed a goal in the 30seconds of game in front of the goalkeeper? And in the end of the 1 half who made an impossible defense to Moutinhos Shot? 4-1 few for what happened?
    P.S3: If it was to Newcastle buy any Sporting player, Douala really is as good as he looks. To the british style would be like honey that player

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    Makes you wonder if Robert on the pitch would've made a difference, they fell to bits when Dyer went off....

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    I am so sorry for Newcastle but they can't keep possesion of the ball, that was their problem.

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