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Thread: Gambling on Football

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    Gambling on Football

    It is well known within the betting industry that Football is up there will 'special bets' as the easiest way for companies to make money, due to it being so unpredictable.

    I don't generally have much luck with my football bets and definitely lose more than I stake.

    Does any1 else often gamble on Football?

    What is your biggest win?

    Perhaps people can share their opinions on good bets, value, etc here...

    Tonight I have put 15 on a Liverpool/Milan double. It pays 75+

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    Looking good at half time. Fingers crossed!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steely Hill

    you failed
    It's not funny. I'm gutted about that, cant believe it!

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    Hard luck Marco, who'd have thought a defender would score two aways goals?

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    My biggest win on a footie game (and I have said it here somewhere before) was when I took a bet at 200/1 that Boro would win 3-2 at Man U.

    Stupid odds, they never offer that much any more on a correct score

    And I only hed 25p on it - but 50 is a nice win ,

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    Once I was feeling like Marco does tonight, but worse!

    About three years ago Man city were playing United at home. I had 3 on City to win 3-1 at 20/1 and I did a double, I think it was Fowler to score the first goal and City to win 3-1 at 120/1 with a 1 bet.

    So I was going to claim 180.

    And then Shaun Wright-Phillips scored in the last minute to make it 4-1

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    2 years ago my mate and I threw a pound each on 4 1st goalscorers. It was Champions League nite so we done Lampard, Wiltord & Shevchenko against Inter...the three scored first and we were waiting on Craig Bellamy to score for Celtic in a Scottish cup match. When doing the bet, my pal sugguested Hartson to score first but I thought Bellamy was a sure bet cuz he scored a hat-trick in the game before...Obviously big overweight Johnny Hartson scored. I was gutted. For a pound each, we would have collected 1,200. I Hate Craig Bellamy.

    Had Gerrard 1st to score last nite at 8/1 with 10 on and 10 on Robbie Keane on Sunday 5/1 him so I like them two

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    Quote Originally Posted by marcofoo
    Quote Originally Posted by Steely Hill

    you failed
    It's not funny. I'm gutted about that, cant believe it!
    of course its funny us anyway .

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