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Thread: Gambling on Football

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    For tonights games I fancy both games to be a draw at 10.5.

    Might also cover Chelsea/Draw.

    Can't see either team coming away with a result at Roma.

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    Osasuna beat Leverkusen

    I got The Spurs and Benfica games right in my trebble, It would have only been 10 though.

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    50p @ 150/1 was my biggest odds win. Was Portsmouth winning 4-0 away to Middlesbrough, after Boro had beaten Chelski. Got the last scorer as Todorov, so I suppose it would bump the odds upto 800/1-ish for the scorecast, but didnt do a scorecast.
    Stuck about 35 on Invasor for the Dubai World Cup, most I've ever put on a horse.

    If you or anyone wants to message me for my website details, go ahead.
    It's astrological sports betting (am I breaking some advertising rule here?) and I'm doing pretty ok. Just send E-mails out to members, they don't really come on the forum. Almost 20 members so far.
    Yesterday had Sevilla/Sevilla, Sevilla to win and Robbie Keane to score. Won with Drogba scoring against Valencia and Gerard against PSV.

    I could go on...

    I'll post something more a little later, just off to Maccy D's for a dbl sausage and egg muffin. That meal and the ones for the past few weeks have been paid for by some poor random punters on Betfair. Tastes so good.

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    Suppose best advice is to cover yourself.

    Like the Liverpool/Milan game other day. Thought Liverpool win was a no-brainer and thought that Milan would win. Changed my mind and tipped the draw, but still, I did the double with Liverpool/Milan AND Liverpool/Draw (in Milan game)
    It meant that I didn't win as much, but it was a return.

    You can get a good indication of what could happen from the bookies odds. They're the ones in business all these years. That works best for correct score.
    Of course, if all the bookies favourites in the market keep winning, bookies will lose money. So they (what seems like it to me) may tend to put something else the favourite what they dont expect to happen. Why? because people sometimes just go with the favourite, without thinking.

    May sound contradictory, but just think like you're a bookie. If you were sure that a team would win, would you put them at low odds all the time or take a bit of a risk and offer a bigger price to possibly scare punters off?

    Spread bet. Just take the amount you would normally bet and split it into a few smaller bets. If you think its a 3-1, then put more on 3-1, a little bit on 3-0 and another little bit on 2-1 etc.
    Or to play it safe, if you're sure its a 3-1, then go for 3 goals in the match rather than the score. Smaller return, but a return.

    Teams at the top win lots of matches, pick the one match if you can.

    My biggest football win happened in the Barcelona match on the weekend.
    Looking at the time of 1st goal, saw something like:

    0-10 5.2
    11-20 5.7
    21-30 6.8
    31-40 7.3
    41-50 9.6

    Stuck a tenner on 41-50 (it includes stoppage time) and then little bets on the other ones to cover myself in case it didn't happen. Like 2 on the other 4.

    Rather than going for the 1st or last goalscorer, try going for a player to score anytime. Better odds on Betfair and its a bet for the whole match rather than waiting for the 1st goal to go in, and then be dissapointed.

    Moreso Chelsea, and Man Utd will have to win all premiership games remaining.

    Mine that I'm going for tonight:

    James Beattie to score 3.2
    AJ to score 2.52

    If either of them score, you're in profit. Both of them score, get down to Maccy D's.

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    Put the odd quid on first goal scorer if im watching the game makes it a bit interesting,do the odd coupon best win was sol campbell to score first in last seasons champions league final 33-1 had 2 quid on it.

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    My only win has been last summer when I got the World Cup top scorer, 55.

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    Ok... after 2 unsuccessful attempts this week I am going to win some !!

    7.50 on both:

    Everton/Draw = 44.25 back
    Everton/Charlton = 52.50 back

    Come on!!

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    Best of luck to you.

    Charlton match looks tricky, but tasty odds for Charlton.

    Just follow it in-running, just in case City actually do something.

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    8.0 on Betfair for a City win. Worth putting a couple of quid on just in case.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GOBati
    My only win has been last summer when I got the World Cup top scorer, 55.
    I got Klose too. Hotly tipped by myself, but I didn't put a bet on.

    Why? I was punishing myself for placing a 100 bet on Croatia @ 1/2 at home to Iran. It was a draw. Lesson learned.

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