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    Online Betting

    My apologies if this thread already exist, does anyone know if football betting can be done online as well? I am new to this whole betting scene and was thinking of dabbling a few $ in it. Any websites (for the US folks) you'll recommend?

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    Welcome to the site mate. Yes there is tonnes of places you can bet on football online. Im not sure what the big US ones are but im sure they are out there.

    Actually is there..... because gambling is illegal in most US states isnt it? There must be ways around it tho, like there is for poker.

    Have a google search around, ill have a look for ya later too.

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    I tried looking around on Google but couldn't find anything mate. If you find something, please do let me know. Cheers!

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    I don't think youll find anywhere that will let people in the US gamble as it is illegal.

    Ive never ever seen anywhere that allows it.

    Good luck though.

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    Aah, i didn't know that's the case lol. Thanks mate.

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