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Thread: Wenger gunning after an old toffee

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    Wenger gunning after an old toffee

    Oliver Darcourt is the latest Viera "replacement".

    The ex Everton and Leeds man could be on a free this summer

    The roma midfielder has already rejected moves to Bolton and Fulham, but is keen on a move to Arsenal, however Barca are rumoured to also be interested.

    Do you really think Dacourt is a suitable replacement??
    What do all you gunners think??

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    I admired him at Everton, but what's his current form like?

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    very good player and i was at the game he scored the winner against arsenal.haha

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    so do we have any actual quotes from Wenger that he is interested in him or is this just more hearsay.

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    no qoutes from Wenger - all speculation and rumours

    Can't see how Dacourt would improve arsenal football club personally and i cant see it happening

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    Personally im getting rather bored and annoyed about the never-ending speculations about all these different players coming to Arsenal. There was Baptista, then Hargreaves, then talks of maybe even Ballack, Andy Johnson was mentioned, more recently Guti has been rumoured to sign for Arsenal and now its Oliver Darcourt , but none of them actually do end up signing- its just getting stupid and very repetitive! And i tottaly agree with you 26120 he is rubbish, buts there is not much point in worrying about that, because it isnt going to sign for us, like none of the other speculated players have or will. Untill i actually hear it straight from Wenger's mouth, im not believing any of it!

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    I don't think so...............

    I don't think Mr Dacourt is the answer. He is a decnt player on the downside of his career. I'm not sure he's a Wenger type player. I could be wrong, wouldn't be the first time (or last).

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    I'll admit i don't know much about him but it looks like Wenger is going to have to do better to replace Vieira.

    Hes got to do something tho, cos at the moment Arsenal are a weaker team than when they finished last season.

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    Dacourt is a golden oldie they should be looking for someone a lot younger but they still have Flamini + Fabregas

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