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Thread: 5 candidates for EURO 2012...Who will get it, and why?

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    5 candidates for EURO 2012...Who will get it, and why?

    Five candidates for EURO 2012
    Friday, 22 July 2005
    UEFA today announced that five bid dossiers to host the final tournament of the 2012 UEFA European Championship have been submitted to European football's governing body before yesterday's closing date.

    Bid deadline
    The national associations of Croatia/Hungary (joint bid), Greece, Italy, Poland/Ukraine (joint bid) and Turkey have handed their bid dossiers to UEFA by the stipulated deadline. Russia, Romania and Azerbaijan had previously expressed an interest but have not pursued their bids.

    Extensive evaluation
    "UEFA is delighted with the interest shown in hosting one of the world biggest sporting events and will now make an extensive evaluation of the dossiers," UEFA said.

    December 2006 decision
    The UEFA Executive Committee will then reduce the number of candidates to three on 7 November 2005. The final decision on the host(s) of UEFA EURO 2012 will be taken by the Executive Committee in December 2006.

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    When I read about this in The Times I thought it listed Greece/Turkey as a joint bid, but, unfortunately I'd misread it.

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    From what ive heard, the Croatia/Hungary bid is favourite after Hungary narrowly missed out on Euro 2008.
    I would guess Italy and Greece have a good chance too with all the facilities already build

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    Italy's always a nice place for a footie tournament. Great teams and good infrastructure/grounds etc (so I believe, I 've never been there)

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    I think that Croata/Hungary have a Good chance !
    I Think that Sweden/Denmark can go for it in World Championship 2014, it would be great ,

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    Italy wouldnt be a bad place. Only problem could be the potential crowd trouble..

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    even though i would want turkey to get it i dont think we will. We only have about 3-4 stadiums that can take a capacity over 25000+ and only 2 World Class stadiums. 1-one at Kadikoy, and 2. Ataturk Olympic (in which Liverpool won the ECL)

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