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Thread: Manchester United Home 07/08

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    do u think sky would show it as a fake

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    no im not saying they'd release a fake, but it doesn't state anywhere that this IS the new kit. looks bollocks and way too much like this seasons. they wouldn't show it on sky because it would defeat the object of a kit launch. there is nothing on the website about a new kit yet or anything. it's probably just something for him to wear at his boot launch to show off man utd.

    if it is the new kit though, its bloody horrible. but i seriously don't think it is.

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    fair point.... n ye its a rank kit!

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    i quite like this one - interesting

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    Why would Nike knock up a kit just for Rooney just to wear at this photo shoot when they have one coming out in a few weeks time. And then to not release the pics of him wearing this mock kit anywhere else. The only photos that were officially released were of Rooney in the yellow and black training kit. This footage was from a camera shooting the photo shoot.

    I think the reason it doesn't state this is the new kit, is because sky were not supposed to show this shot. It was to be kept under wraps until the official launch of the new kit.

    The Holland kit is fairly plain too, as was the Highbury Arsenal kit. Plus we can't see the detail of the jersey from the pics taken off the tv. We'll wait and see, but I can't see the point of making a representation of a man utd kit, when there is a current one he could wear, and one that will have been signed off on and be in production already if not very soon. Maybe it's a prototype without the detail added yet. But I think the new kit will be very similar to this.

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    I found this, but it is probably fake. It looks like the same template as a lot of Nike goalkeeper shirts.

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    Oh my. I can't believe any of you would even consider believing that this is next seasons kit.....

    Do you really think that United and Nike would let Premier League Preview reveal the kit unannounced without any endorsement or even any acknowledgement that they have actually done it i.e. This is the new Manchester United shirt.

    It's a god damn jumper.....

    Look at the creases on the arm where I've circled. That doesn't happen with nylon unless it has been tightly folded for an extended period of time.

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    Is the pic I found a fake then?

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    Quote Originally Posted by yidomatt
    Is the pic I found a fake then?
    Aye 110%...

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    Ahhhh well.

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