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Thread: Horses

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    Quote Originally Posted by rrrrRonaldinho
    One for today... Romany Dream 14:50 Fakenham. About 2/1 for the place on Betfair. 3 to be placed out of the 10 running.

    Winner. 1st, ended up at 14/1.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rrrrRonaldinho
    Englishtown to win @ 2.82 on Betfair.
    15.20 Fakenham.

    A nice double.

    Don't blame you Marcofoo if you didn't put them on.

    I'm the special one!

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    Nice one... how much u win?

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    Nothing. Just pride.

    I had some losses yesterday, so decided it best to not do too much today.

    Had 400 on Englishtown for my tipster account.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rrrrRonaldinho
    Quote Originally Posted by Big Jono
    Haha, I cant bet on your poxy UK races anyway, with my [beep!] NZ betting site.

    By the start of next season tho, I will hopefully be set up on one of your sites over there.
    Can you use Betfair? If you can, it's a godsend.
    Yea might do, will look around for a deal when im ready to sign up.

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    Newton Abbott 14:20 Learning the Blues

    Currently at about 1/2 on Betfair, would be great if you get a bigger price.

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    Put your house on it

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    I already use blusher, that's enough.

    Where's it running? and when?

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    Oh yeah, it's dead.

    Quality tipping.

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    Here's the best race I've seen.

    Sir Percy won it. Was in midfield somewhere, right until the end.
    Look out for the horse coming through on the inside, near the rails. You won't see it until the end.

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