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Thread: The Hideout

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    Yeah, he often gets called a Pecker

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steely Hill
    is crack allowed in here?
    mmm crack...

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    I always thought you were a Crack whore Steeks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by floody
    George Wendt - Jono
    Is that Ted Dansons character? Cos im sooo Ted Danson, he was a P.I.M.P!

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    Quote Originally Posted by justme!
    I think Twm will be in here a lot as he always goes off topic
    I never go off topic (except maybe when Agent S is away )

    Quote Originally Posted by J-Axe
    Yeah, Twm just abuses his rights as a Mod. Thinks he can go off topic without being told off.
    I do not abuse my rights or go off topic

    And, while we are on this topic - how many people play golf here?

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    I played when I was younger, mostly when I was on holiday with Dad but in the last few years all ive done golfwise is go to the driving range. Good fun to hit the crap out of a few balls.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steely Hill
    why do skeletons never have noses?
    Because there is no skin off theirs.

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    That will be $4.00 thanks

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