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Thread: Red Dead Redemption

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    do you think i have any change on getting for free.....from torrents?

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    Anyone played the new undead release for this? Looks extremely.......interesting.

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    So i downloaded the Undead Nightmare content, very strange and interesting take on the whole thing. And incredibly enjoyable, whats not to like about zombies and cowboys?

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    Coincidentally I'm downloading it right now, traded in Assassins Creed earlier and got myself some ms points, total bargain at only 400 points which is less than a fiver. It's getting great reviews so I'm really looking forward to playing it.

    Also got Episodes from Liberty City today which is supposedly good, not played GTA in well over a year

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    Ballad of Gay Tony is pretty good for a GTA add-on. Better than the original story/characters and some nice additions like parachuting and a whole new arsenal of weapons makes it a good DLC.

    Undead Nightmare was interesting, like the original version it's full of good dark humour and good story-telling. The gameplay is a lot more repetitive though. Definitely worth a playthrough though and the multiplayer 'Undead Overrun' is stupid fun as well.

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    Have just finished playing Red Dead Redemption and now regard it to be my 2nd favourite game ever after GTA San Andreas.

    I wonder if there will be a sequel?

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    I also have to say that I shed a tear at the end of the game but won't say what happened in case any of you still haven't played this yet.

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    There's the Undead Nightmare as well if you havent seen it. Loved playing it and the original Red Dead. Only thing that I'm not the biggest fan of is the multiplayer. Co-ops fine, but against each other just seem to get sniped at a thousand paces repeatedly!

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    I have heard about the Undead Nightmare and will look forward to playing that also when I can my hands on a copy from somewhere!

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