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Thread: PES 7

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    PES 7

    Does anybody know the list of improvements from PES6 ?

    Is there any improvement on licensing ?

    Seen a few screen shots and it looks very good !

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    Fall to the ground and kiss my feet. Here is all the leaked info thus far.

    Magazine Scan

    Two more new screenshots of the massive new PES title from Konami have today been released, giving fans a tantalising glimpse of just two of the many new features to be implemented into the new version.

    The first image shows the new Pause screen complete with interative elements and visuals.

    The second new screen shows the new ability players can use mid-game - Shirt pulling!

    NEW In Game Screenshot!

    Scanned 4 page magazine article:
    Page 1
    Page 2
    Page 3
    Page 4

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    Lets all have a disco.

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    oh forev, i love you!!!!

    i think the next pro evo is going to be really amazing. a huge step in the right direction. it looks so revolutionary!!

    i'm very excited, and i'm considering buying a new pro evo game.

    i don't have a next gen console or ps2 though, and i don't want it on my pc because it won't run too well and you get problems. so i don't know what i'm gonna do. i don't want to buy a new console just for one game. well maybe i'll look for a second hand wii or 360 or something.

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    Wouldnt reccommend ebay..I bought an xbox 360 on it 2 weeks ago & it never arrived

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    oh right . might have only been that seller though. i would say that that was a one off.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Conaldinho
    Wouldnt reccommend ebay..I bought an xbox 360 on it 2 weeks ago & it never arrived
    have you been chasing him up about it? emailing him and stuff?

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    Yeah, hes been decent enough about it all, tried to help and all that. Looks like im going to have to demand a refund though cause I cant see it coming now. Shame because it was 150 cheaper than I would have to pay in the shops

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    Pro Evo 7 is now called Pro Evo 2008

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