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Thread: PES 7

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    Pro Evo also has much better least 80% of people will agree with me on that. What do you actually love so much about FIFA?

    Anso, anyone know when the game is supposed to be released?

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    But bev-lee, you may not care about that, but i certainly do. That's THE ONLY reason i have spent so much time playing pro evo. When i discovered you could design your own shirts, sponsors, badges etc. I spend loads of time desiging and updating team shirts, and then playign with them to see what they were like. I also played many season with a team i spent hours completely making everything from scratch for, including name, players, kit, etc. I loved playing a season with that team, and then updating the kit, and making a few new players to add.

    On FIFA the editing player thing as absolutely pathetic,. It's laughable. Not only because you have so few options, but because they look so poor and unrealistic.

    You can't update real players hairstyles or anything, because they look laughable.

    The game play isn't as good either, and it is FULL of glitches or bugs.

    FIFA games are rushed, money makers. It's not about the quality of game, or making the best football game on the market. EA don't give a sh*t about that. All they care about is making a quick good looking game, with licenses so they can market it as the best football game on the out, and make a shed load of money.

    FIFA games have been going for years now, and if they really wanted to make FIFA the best football game out, they could. They could improve almost everything about. But they don't, because they don't need to to make money. It's marketed as the best football game, so it's the most popular, and therefore makes the most money. That's all they care about.

    You can see there's a lack of effort gone into making them. Just look at the editing options of players, shirts etc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sticky tissue
    So it's not on the WII?

    How sh*t, the WII sucks. It only has bloody kid games on it.

    The funnest footy game around

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    cant wait for pro evo to come out quality game ,

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    Quote Originally Posted by bev-lee
    If i wanted do do all that id play on the f*cking Sims.
    Well funny

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    Quote Originally Posted by Conaldinho
    Yeah, hes been decent enough about it all, tried to help and all that. Looks like im going to have to demand a refund though cause I cant see it coming now. Shame because it was 150 cheaper than I would have to pay in the shops
    my cozern got sent some 360 games a few months ago that he dint buy......

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    Cuzzin I think he means...

    Anyway... When are they going to bring a football game out were you can punch f|_|ck out of your opponents if they tackle you?

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