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Thread: The Official Poker Thread

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    The Official Poker Thread

    Free to enter and a $50 prize pool!

    Would be great to get all the members we can to sign up so we can have a good time and more people makes it mroe interesting!

    Beginners welcome, nee encouraged, to participate.

    Hassle everyone else on the forum to come and sign up for it, no excuses, even if they dont know how to play theres practise play money tables to lean on before the big day in a little over TWO WEEKS!

    Heres how to play

    1. Go to and download their poker software. (link is on the top left of the screen)

    2. Install it and create an account (requires some personal information but no c/c number or anything) Choose a username and you are ready to go!

    3. Once you are in the software and have a nickname look under the 'Choose Game' heading on the left of the screen for a option called Scheduled Tournaments> Freerolls

    4. Once you are looking at the freeroll tournaments there should be one that says '' register for that tournament using the SECRET password that you will get from me via PM once you have shown interest!

    Tournament will be at 8:30pm UK time on Wednesday the 8th of August

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    I would get involved but the mother won't give me her credit card to squander my money away.

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    Read again douchebag, you dont need any money! ITS FREE!

    But there is a prizepool of $50, no credit card number or deposit needed at all, just the time it takes to download the software and register for the tournament.

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    I read that bit, but I thought that payment would be needed at sometime.

    I've already downloaded it and registered anyway. I'm in.

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    Nice one, ill PM you the password but dont post it on the forum anywhere as we dont want randoms playing.

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    It's a very nice site, quite quick aswell.

    Having a go on the play tables and already made 800 :P

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    Sounds like a laugh.

    Wish i knew how to play.

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    Floody, its easy mate. Sign up to the site and have a play on the play money tables youll soon get the hang of it, then PM me for the password for the tourney, worth a shot at the money eh?

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    All right then I'll have a go on the tables and see if i pick it up.

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    A lot of freaking frogs on this.

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