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Thread: The Official Poker Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by floody
    All right then I'll have a go on the tables and see if i pick it up.
    Yeah me too.

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    Any one got an easy to digest, basic rules of poker link?
    Forgive me, for I am stupid.

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    I think I have the basic idea of it, i'm going to be terrible in the actual game though.
    So is that what we're playing? Texas Hold'em?

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    If anyone is up for a few games of play money then give me a shout.

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    Yep it is Texas Holdem.

    The one where you get two cards for yourself which noone else can see. Then there is five cards in the middle that everyone can see and use.

    You have to make a 5 card hand out of any combination of your 2 cards and the five in the middle.

    Highest hand wins. [link=]Poker hand rankings here[/link]

    The tournament is also the NL (no limit) version of hold em poker, this means at any time when its your turn to bet you can bet as much as you like. ie You can go 'ALL IN' Motherfuckers! like on tv.

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    No, but if you have then you have no excuse not to sign up for the tournament buddy. ,

    PM me for the pass.

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    But do I have to install UTD poker and have all that red on my pc?

    Can't we all change to PKR poker?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bluenose
    Anybody tried PKR?
    I downloaded the other day because Tom said he played on it. I was amazed with the graphics, really puts the other programs to shame with the images and such.

    5:30 am or 6:30 am, i'm not sure which one it is but i'll be up. If i'm not, you know where I am

    Can you send me the password please, Jono?

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